USB Powerpoints

Why bother?

The average Australian family has 8 mobile devices, including laptops, smart phones and tablets. This means a lot of chargers and a lot of powerpoints taken up to run them. If you’ve ever misplaced the charger for your phone or tablet, you know how frustrating it can be.

USB powerpoints offer a convenient solution to these problems, freeing up regular powerpoints and eliminating multiple chargers. Of course you still need the lead to connect your device. You can safely leave these plugged in even when not charging a device so you’re less likely to lose them. The built-in chargers have very low standby power consumption.

How much do they cost?

There are several charging capacities and styles to suit all locations. All models offer at least 2 USB outlets and can have single or double standard power outlets (GPOs). These start at around $40, plus installation, providing an economical entry point.Deta-USB

If you’re looking to match the style of your home, there are many other options, like the Excel Life, HPM Linea and Arteor ranges from Legrand Australia. These have the added benefit of being the highest capacity chargers currently available, meaning faster charging times (very useful for multiple tablets).

Where should I put them?

Where do you usually leave your phone? For some people the kitchen is the ideal place, in fact some new homes have dedicated ‘charging stations’ in or near the kitchen as this is generally the hub of the home. A stylish and practical way of doing this is a recessed charging station, using shelves set-in between wall studs. These don’t impact on bench space and can be customised to suit your requirements (ask me).

Master bedrooms are another popular location, replacing the powerpoints usually located on either side of the bed.

Charging stations are also gaining popularity in office spaces, in both individual offices or workstations, and communal areas.

Do I need to install any apps to use them?

No, the outlet simply provides power for charging the battery of your device. There is no data connection and they are not specific to any device.

Can I charge other things?

You can charge digital cameras, video cameras, portable battery packs and any other equipment which uses a USB cable for charging.